Sunday, November 23, 2008

piggy back rides and block houses

didnt post the last few days...just been so tired lately by the time the kids go to bed. they seem to get more exhausting the bigger they get! lol! the last few days were a lot of fun with them. everyday is something new. zak seems to be finding new words and sentences every single day. he wakes caycee up in the morning saying "good morning sweet- heart." probably the cutest thing i have ever heard! we have been watching a lot of the show wonderpets on nickelodeon. if you havent seen it, its about a guinea pig, a duckling, and a turtle who save other animals when they are in trouble. well now he hangs over the side of the couch and says "save me mommy, save me like the wonderpets." hahaha so damn cute. hmmm what else? lately hes been asking me to do alot of thngs with him. like the other day, he randomly came up to me and said, "dance with me mommy." and he started dancing in the middle of the floor, without any music on even. so funny. and now we have blocks and he brings them to me and says "build with me mommy." its gotten to the point that i will drop whatever i am doing when he asks me things like that. its just too cute and i know there will come a point in time where he wont want me to do anything with him at all. so i am enjoying every second. like tonite, i spent an hour building and rebuilding a house for his "daddy guy"....who also had a mommy and a daddy. i kept rebuilding it because caycee kept breaking it down and laughing. zak wasnt too thrilled with her let me tell ya
and then theres caycee...she is a holy terror. but the cutest terror ive ever seen. shes catching on to so much and trying so many new words. she understands things and nods her head for yes and no.
justin has been back to work and the kids have been missing him. they ask for him alot while he is gone and are so excited to see him in the morning. zak has been crying lately when he leaves and always asks him to stay home with him. if that were me, id be calling in sick everyday! good thing he has more will power than i do or we would be broke! so when he was home the other day, he played a lot with them. he built some block towers and pyramids and gave them some piggy back rides. zak did fine but caycee didnt understand what holding on meant and boom, she went down, a few times. it brought back memories when my two sisters, brother, and i used to ride around on my dads back way back when. and of course, someone always fell off and bumped a head or bit a tongue. i couldnt help but smile watching them. they mean the world to me.
and finally, my sister and brother will be home in less than a month. i am so excited. this will be the first time we have all been together for any length of time in i cant even tell you how long. they have both been going thru some person stuff and just need some normalcy back at home. and i get to see my nephew again!!! i cannot wait! thats it for tonight tho, gotta finish some laundry.

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